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  • The ultimate 30 day starter plan to become sexier, fitter and more energized. 
    30 days of easy to assemble meals to help you look and feel amazing - and that taste so good, you’ll never miss meat at all!
  • Sexy Fit Vegan Ultimate Shopping Guide
    One of the most challenging aspects of transitioning to a plant-based diet can be re-setting your default kitchen staples, and creating a new set of “go-to” meals.

    A big part of making the transition easy is changing the main foods that you automatically keep your kitchen cupboards stocked with.
  • 30 Day Fitness Plan
    30 day easy to follow fitness program to get you feeling and looking the sexiest and fittest you have in years!
  • 30 Day email Series
    To guide you and help keep you on track for optimal results.
In the Sexy Fit Vegan Starter Plan, you can smoothly transition to a fitter and healthier lifestyle, in a way that’s simple and even fun!

Judy Jamail-Mady

Ella gave me all the tools that I required to help me attain a vegan lifestyle. Her enthusiasm is contagious!
I feel AMAZING and I am loving the lifestyle.

I have taken a new lease on life and feel energized, recharged and I can honestly say that this lifestyle works!

Thank you Ella for not pressuring me and for all of your encouragement, support and understanding of my own schedule.

I give Ella my highest recommendation as a great accomplished coach to help anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle that truly works.

I am thrilled that I had the great fortune of finding her.
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