Give me 30 days…

And I’ll show you how to smoothly transition to a Sexy Fit Vegan lifestyle, in a way that’s simple and even fun!

Completely transform your body and set yourself up for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.
With me as your guide, you can transform your body and set yourself up for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life… 


Listen up…


Let me help you to create a way of eating and living that is SUSTAINABLE and gets you LONG-TERM results. No more “wagon” to fall off ever again.

Erin Wheless

“I’m noticing muscle definition and fat loss. People come up and tell me how great I look... That I'm glowing!”
I started with Ella at a point where I had been macro counting and strict dieting for months. I was not eating enough whole foods because I wanted it to fit my macro plan. I weigh myself everyday, which makes me hate myself, stressed and unhappy.

Working on myself mentally and physically made everything slowly fall into place. I feel happier, less stressed, and healthier inside and out. I’m also noticing muscle definition and fat loss. People are coming up to me to tell me how great I look... That I'm glowing!
Let’s transform your body and set yourself up for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life… 
Dear Friend,
If you’ve been wanting to eat less meat and explore a plant based diet (even part-time), without spending countless hours in the kitchen, and even if you think you don’t have time to meal prep…

…Then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

In this 30-Day Sexy Fit Vegan Starter Plan, you’ll have everything you need to understand how athletes, weightlifters, and everyday people are eating more plants, less meat and getting stronger than ever before.

In fact…

Did you know that the strongest human in the world is vegan?

How is that even possible?

The secret is simple…
Eating delicious, plant-based food is 1000 times better for your health, fitness and weight than any detox.
This will be a game-changer for you.

I encourage you to shift see the process as an adventure! 

That being said…
Your body will never be the same (in the best ways) after you follow the Sexy Fit Vegan 30-Day Starter Plan.

No more dieting and food restrictions.

Relying on your willpower to make healthy choices and restricting calories will only lead to self-sabotage.

I will show you how to buid a good relationship with food... One you don’t need to “cheat” on.

So instead of willpower, I will help you to be empowered.

No more unsustainable practices of counting calories and macros. (And saving them on a spreadsheet)!

No scale necessary!

You can now focus on eating and training out of love and respect for yourself and your body, and experience weight loss as a welcomed side effect.

You no longer have to exercise just to burn off calories.

It will be an enjoyable part of your life, instead of being a source of pressure and stress.
Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
I’ll Show you how to get there.
But first…
I want to erase this word from your vocabulary:
With all the diet information out there (many are even conflicting), how do you come up with something that’s right for you?

Most people also rely on willpower to sustain the requirements of a diet plan, only to run out and go back to square one.

That’s because will power is not sustainable.

You see, the truth is… You don’t need to do all that.

We’re all built differently, so our “diet” will vary from one person to the other.

The 30-Day Sexy Fit Vegan Starter Plan will guide you through the process of creating a meal plan that works best for YOU. 
This Process gave me the confidence I need to achieve true happiness and live my passion and purpose.
But that has not always been the case for me…

Hi. My Name is

Ella Magers

I take busy vegan and vegan-curious women through a strategically designed process to find the balance that creates a fit body and long-term health through intuitive eating and exercise.

Just like many, I’ve struggled with the self-sabotaging cycle of restricting my food intake (dieting), only to end up “falling off the wagon,” beating myself up, and starting the cycle all over again.

From the outside, it seemed like I was a shining example of how strong, lean, muscular, and fit a vegan could be.
So I hid my struggles.

On the INSIDE however…

I was consumed with a constant battle with clinical depression and anxiety that manifested in disordered eating and distorted body image.

 What I discovered was that…
The problem had everything to do with my relationship with food.
It wasn’t until I committed to doing the work it takes to embody unconditional love and respect for myself and my body, that I was able to take my power back.
With an empowered mindset and newfound self-love,
I was able to…
ditch dieting for good.

… start eating intuitively.

… and make eating and exercise an enjoyable part of my life (instead of being a source of pressure and stress).
I was able to put my energy into my life’s passion and purpose of saving animals by helping people adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle.

I finally felt FREE and was able to start living in abundance, which in turn opened doors that brought me success in my career as well.

That’s when I realized that mastering mindful and intuitive eating and exercise is the “secret key” to living a healthy vegan lifestyle.

 I want to give you a taste of that.
Hundreds of women like you have stepped into their power and achieved a healthy fit body with an empowered mindset.

Jamie Silverthorn

“I'm noticing tons of changes in my body. Change your mind, and the rest will follow!”

I've had trainers and coaches who took notes of my weight, measurements, pictures to compare progress, and asked me to count macros. Ella didn't ask for any of that. The focus has been on changing my MINDSET, and it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Oddly enough, I'm noticing tons of changes in my body as well. Change your mind, and the rest will follow!
Are you ready to step into your power and achieve a healthy fit body?
Here’s exactly what you'll get inside
The Sexy Fit Vegan Starter Plan

The ultimate 30 day starter plan to become sexier, fitter and more energized.

30 days of easy to assemble meals to help you look and feel amazing - and that taste so good, you won't miss meat at all!

Value: $597

The Sexy Fit Vegan
ultimate shopping guide

One of the most challenging aspects of transitioning to a plant-based diet can be resetting your default kitchen staples, and creating a new set of go-to meals.

We'll give you the shopping list that will make the transition easy, so you can take out the guess work.

Value: $199

30 Day Fitness plan

30 day easy to follow fitness program to get you feeling and looking the sexiest and fittest you have in years!

Value: $199

Ella’s private Facebook Group for
Sexy Fit Vegans

You’ll be part of a tight knit community of fellow vegans and vegan curious alike.

Value: $597

30 Day email series

To guide you and help keep you on track for optimal results one day at time, so you don't get overwhelmed.

Value: $99.99

Total Value: $1094.99
Fair Price: $697
This is by far the most sustainable way to become a Sexy Fit Vegan!

Valerie Kosick

“Motivation comes naturally when I show myself compassion, understanding, and trust. It's not about willpower anymore. It has freed me from obsession and anxiety.”

The most surprising thing is that being healthy was not about willpower. I thought I couldn't trust my body because I was defective or weak.

It turns out that when I show myself compassion, understanding, and trust, then mindfully reflect on my desires and actions, the motivation comes naturally.

It's not about willpower anymore, it's just what I most WANT to do. Trust in myself has freed me from obsession and anxiety.

To Sum It All Up...

Here’s everything that's included in the Sexy Fit Vegan Start Plan

The Ultimate 30 day Starter Plan to become sexier, fitter and more energized.
The Sexy Fit Vegan Ultimate Shopping Guide

 30 Day Fitness Plan
Total Value: $1094.99
Fair Price: $697
FAIR WARNING: This Starter Plan was created for a specific group of people in mind
In case you don't know.. I'm very "Type A".

I want to be very efficient with OUR time. I know you're a busy person so I want to make sure this starter plan is a good fit for you.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're looking for another quick fix promising a magic pill called "diet".
  • You're stuck at your own pity party and unwilling to take your power back even if you've been given the right tools. 
  • You have no interest in making a positive impact on the world in some way.
If that's you, I won't be your cup of tea.


This is FOR you if...

  • You're confused by all the conflicting information about nutrition.
  • You're sick and tired of feeling exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. 
  • You're fed up with trying to figure out what, when, where and how much to eat every day to be healthy (and build a fit body). 
  • You feel like you're letting your family down if you're unhealthy and you are not helping them be healthy.

If that’s you…

You've hit the jackpot with this plan!

John Maxwell said…

“Life is a matter of choices. And every choice you make, makes YOU.”

Today is your chance to make one:


Close this page and go back to dieting and exercising to burn off calories.

It will save you $7 today.

Since you made it this far, I know this letter has opened your eyes to the possibility of adopting a healthy and compassionate lifestyle.


Use whatever you learned here and figure it out on your own.

You read my success stories.

You saw my clients’ testimonials.

You have every reason to believe that you are capable of figuring things out and becoming a sexy fit vegan on your own.

This is a solid option if you are willing to spend a few more years trying a million things before you nail it.


Let me hand you the blueprint that has already helped hundreds of women transition to a Sexy Fit Vegan lifestyle

Why take any chances when there’s a playbook that works every single time?

Plus, you can have it for less than an order of a solo fancy dinner.

But hey…

Jennifer Tourkin

“I weighed myself yesterday.”

“I weighed myself yesterday.”

Haven’t done it in months. It was actually a total surprise; I’ve been living my values, liberated from food anxiety and it showed on the scale!


In case you scrolled all the way down here without reading anything…

I have a crazy offer for you:

For only $7, I give access to the exact starter plan that will smoothly transition you to a Sexy Fit Vegan lifestyle, in a simple and fun way.

That’s right.

Just give me 30 days.

If you follow the process, you’ll be able to completely transform your body and set yourself up for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in…
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